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Arch Bars/Lintels

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United Brick Repairs offer Arch Bar/Lintel replacement service for your Brisbane home.

Arch Bars support bricks above doors and windows and are generally made of steel. Over many years these Arch Bars/Lintes rust  and cause cracking/brick bulging which can allow water penetration if left unattended. This can lead to a weakened structure.

Here at United Brick Repairs we recommend all Bars & Lintels be replaced with hot dipped galvanised steel, which are 40% lighter than solid lintels and have higher strength yield.

This galvanised layer protects the lintel, taking away the worry of further corrosion over time.

Lintels Before PhotoLintels - BeforeLintels After PhotoLintels - After


 Always ask to see BSA Contractor Licence  

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