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Repointing is the process of renewing the bits between the bricks in Masonry Construction. Over time weathering and decay causes voids in the joints between the bricks allowing the undesirable entrance of water which can cause significant damage, including, rising damp, crumbling of bricks and possible collapse of the wall and deterioration of the building's structure.

Here at United Brick Repairs we offer a mortar replacement service carried out by trade qualified bricklayers.


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A Damp Course often abbreviated to DPC is a horizontal barrier in a wall designed to resist moisture rising through the structure by the capillary action, a phenomenon known as 'rising damp'.

Where DPC is absent or inadequate, moisture will penetrate the inside of any structure. In these cases 2-3 courses need to be removed at the weephole level, a new membrane installed and new weep holes installed.


 Always ask to see BSA Contractor Licence  

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